Which Will be held, from 4 to 7 November, at the city of Montería, Colombia


The ICBS 2020 aims are:

  • To constitute an open discussion space about the knowledge, updated progress, and innovations in the Theoretical and applied Basic Sciences.
  • To promote the exchange of scientific information among, national and international, scientists, researchers, professors, faculty, professionals, technicians, and students working in the field of basic sciences.
  • To contribute in the formation of young scientists in the field of Basic Sciences.

Abstracts can be written in English or Spanish using the ICBS 2020 Word template Latex template. Send your abstract to eventosfaciba@correo.unicordoba.edu.co. In your email, indicate in what format you would like to make your presentation (Oral or Poster). We encourage to students to select Poster format, and professionals to select Oral format. Abstracts will be refereed by the scientific committee; therefore, we recommend sending your abstract as earlier as possible.

You can download the triptych, and the poster, of the ICBS 2020


  • The reception of abstracts for the ICBS 2020: July 31th 2020
  • Due date to send acceptance letters:   August 31th, 2020.
  • Due date for submitting the in-extenso paper for publication in the abstrac:   September 30th, 2020.


 ICBS 2020 fees

  • Professionals,Teacher, Researcher $40.00 ($150.000 Colombian pesos)
  • Student without paper $10($ 40.000 Colombian pesos)
  • Student with accepted paper $7($ 28.000 Colombian pesos)
  • Payment can be made by PSE
  • To formalize your registration online you must make your payment until August 31th, 2020 and send the consignment flyer to the Congress email: eventosfaciba@correo.unicordoba.edu.co
  • Jennifer Lafont Mendoza – President
  • Francisco Torres Hoyos
  • Luis Alcalá Varilla
  • Dairo Pérez Sotelo
  • Juan Yepes Escobar
  • Carlos Banquet Brango
  • Doris Villalba León
Abraham Arenas Tawill Colombia. José Darío Perea Canadá
Alberto Javier Gómez Esquivia Colombia. José Jiménez Urrea Colombia.
Alfonso Portacio Lamadrid Colombia. José Luis Marrugo Negrete Colombia.
Amado Enrique Navarro Frómeta México. José Quintero Henao Colombia.
Andrea Carolina Ramos Hernández Colombia. José Ricardo Sodré Inglaterra.
Ángela Ortega León Colombia. Juan Salazar Uribe Colombia.
Barry C. Arnold USA. Julio Cesar Suzuki Brazil.
Carlos Reales Martínez Colombia. Luis Benítez Babilonia Colombia.
César Ortega López Colombia. Luis Carlos Jiménez Reyes Colombia.
César Torres Moreno Colombia. Luis Carlos Sánchez Pacheco Colombia.
Cristian Susa Quintero Colombia. Manuel Páez Meza Colombia.
Davide Girolami Italia Manuel Salvador Palencia Luna Colombia.
Delfina Trinca Fighera Venezuela. Mario Ceroni Galloso Perú.
Doris Villalba León Colombia. Maximiliano Ernesto Méndez López Colombia.
Eduardo Salinas Cuba. Miguel Aguilar Robledo México.
Élder Villamizar Roa Colombia. Miguel Martín Landrove Venezuela.
Enrique Pardo Pérez Colombia. Oscar Buitrago Bermúdez Colombia.
Francisco Torres Hoyos Colombia. Pablo Villamil Barrios Colombia.
Gilberto González Parra New Mexico. Plinio de los Santos Cantero López Chile.
Gilmar Santafé Patiño Colombia. Ricardo Ruiz Baier Australia.
Guillermo Martínez Flórez Colombia. Roger Tovar Falón Colombia.
Hugo Mantilla Meluj Colombia. Rosalba Ruíz Vega Colombia.
Isabel Hübener Alemania. Segundo Agustín Martínez Ovalle Colombia.
Jairo Durango Vertel Colombia. Sergi Diez Salvador España.
Jean Remy Davee Guimaraes Brasil. Vanessa Yepes Narváez Inglaterra.
Jerson Borja Soto Colombia. Víctor Leiva Sánchez Chile.
Jesús Ballesteros Correa Colombia. Wilkinson Lopes Lázaro Brasil.
Jhon Harold Castaño Salazar Colombia. Yesid Torres Moreno Colombia.


For any information, please contact email: eventosfaciba@correo.unicordoba.edu.co
Universidad de Córdoba Address: Carrera 6ª. No. 77-305 Montería, Córdoba- Colombia.