Proposals are invited for individual papers, particularly those dealing with the practical uses of language teaching and pedagogy, for presentation at the conference, publication in the conference Proceedings, and submitted to Avances en Educación y Humanidades online journal. Proposals will cover but will not be limited to the following themes:
• Task-based Learning and Teaching
• Project Based Learning
• Problem Based Learning
• Content Language Integrated Learning
• Flipped Instruction
• Technology in the Language Classroom
• Leadership and Professional Development
• Genre-based Pedagogy
Proposals can be submitted in any of the following two options:
These are formal presentations of completed or ongoing research (45-minute period, including time for discussion)
Posters are for face-to-face discussions of research. Posters are especially effective for information that can be presented visually (e.g., charts, graphs, tables, diagrams). Posters can address ongoing research, or research proposals. (10 minutes)
The deadline for proposal submission is June 15th -2017.

Proposals for papers and posters following a double-blind review methodology. Criteria for evaluation include:
– Clear presentation of research problem and purpose, data sources, questions, data collection, data analysis procedures, and results/expected results
– Relevance of results or proposed study for current foreign language practice
– Relevance of results or proposed study for advancing the understanding of our field
– Appropriateness and significance of the topic/issue/problem

Individuals may submit a maximum of one abstract as first author, whether a paper or a poster. First authors are expected to present the research bearing their name, but all authors are encouraged to share in the presentation of co-authored research. A maximum of two authors is accepted per presentation. An individual may appear as a first author only once on the program, in addition to a possible role as co-author/co-presenter of another paper.
The author’s confirmation of attendance and presentation signifies that the author will present the paper on the day and time assigned by the conference program committee. Our conference will not respond to or consider requests for a specific time slot.